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Importance of Safety

Founded in order to fill a niche in the motorsports marketplace. Our goal was to create a safe and controlled environment for fellow car enthusiasts to pursue their “Need For Speed” without the restrictions of the standard 1/8 or 1/4 mile drag strip. See what it’s like to hit speeds you’ve only dreamed of without the risk of law enforcement or causing injury to others, while being surrounded by on-site safety personnel.

Safety First


We have decided to cancel the remainder of this event.

Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family of the driver today after the accident.

If you have any questions please email info@wannagofast.com and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.
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4 days ago


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The money from this weekend's event should go to a gofundme account for the family.

Very sad news today. And for those blaming anything and everything, take a minute before you post. We all know the risk of this sport, we know the risk every time we strap in. We know things could go wrong and the result catastrophic. We have the option to do a test run to get the feel of the track any time we want. To blame the track or the sponsor is just throwing rocks and isn’t helping anyone. So take a minute. Breath and remember. We lost a brother racer today. That in itself is bad enough.

I entered for the Sunday race, paid for vip passes for friends and family. I do not want or expect a refund but would hope you MAN UP and donate my refund to Jeff’s family. It’s the right thing to do......

that car just went sideways and no chute.

The man lived five minutes from me and remember he also has the world's fastest ctsv the man knew and had all safety equipment

Prayers for the family and everyone at today’s event.

Rip Jeff... You guys should've checked the damn track knowing its conditions.

Ok for all the bleeding hearts. Check the attitude and quit snapping at every person who asks simple questions about real life problems they need solved in conjunction with this event. For all the people out there talking about taking up money for the family, find a bank where the family lives. Call them up and usually they will set up an account for them and collect the money free of charge. Last but not least. To those that want the event organizers to give the money to the family, it is a great gesture and I bet they have discussed it. That being said, they also have to look at legalities and how it will look later down the road. To us it looks like the right thing to do but a scheister of an attorney would say something about how they were trying to pay them off. It's sad that they even have to think that way but in this world you do. That's all I had to say. Every one stay safe.

It would be really cool to do something for him at the Ocala event since he was always there.

What time will gates be open tomorrow to pick up trailers?

Lots of folks throwing in 2 cents on safety. 99% of the field runs under 199mph. Texas Mile (heavy on safety) aligns with wannagofast at that speed - www.texasmile.net/pdf/TexasMileRRTS2017Edition1-1-17.pdf

Wow, people have to be careful with these high powered cars... why didn’t it have a full cage?

I remember multiple times at the Dallas WGF there was always issues with the weather and people who didn’t get to race/wanted a refund didn’t get one. It’s only suitable & right that the family get back the bit of help that we can give as a racing community for the loss of one of theirs and one of ours. The conditions have been getting sloppy lately and we still decide to run the cars just to have a Venue, things changed now though. Someone lost a life, he can’t go home with his family. RIP Jeff Let’s make what we can somewhat right.

Blake, If you choose to, I’d like my entrance fee to go to the family as well.

Would be easy enough to require an SFI 25.5/3/2 cert for cars running over a certain speed at these events. The minimum equipment required at these events compared to what I have to run on my car is terrifying. Prayers to the family.

Condolences to the family and friends of the driver who lost his life yesterday.

Thank you for being respectful to our hometown racer.

That was an horrible accident sending condolences and prayers to the drivers family. But can we please stop blaming others for something that is an accident and part of this sport

RIP Jeff...This was A Good Man.

Terribly tragic. Prayers for his family and to the WGF team. I’ve run many times and this hits kind hard.

So saddened by the news of his passing. Our prayers go out to him, his family, and anyone affected by this tragedy.

Condolences to all. An incident like this was inevitable. There will be a lawsuit and the outcome will hinge on whether it was foreseeable, any negligence by promoters, property owners, etc and were the safeguards sufficient. Signing a waiver does not prevent a lawsuit.

Thoughts and prayers going out to the family.

Ohh man hate to hear this prayers to his family

RIP Jeff. Amazing guy I’m very sad and disappointed at what happened today.

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4 days ago

It’s about that time!


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Hope you all decide to never use that air strip again... Don't see how it was approved in the first place.



Andrew Barber

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