North Carolina Results

Racing is something that is full of excitement and big thrills! Once the light turns green, it’s time to floor it until you cross the finish line. Starting out in first gear, pedal to the metal, high RPM, time to switch to second gear, you are already at a high speed and your RPM is climbing quickly, so fast that you had to switch to third gear, your car is screaming down the pavement and before you know it, you have crossed the finish line!

Here at WannaGoFast, we have racing event all of the country. We love seeing the different types of engines and what they are made of, the amount of horsepower that can be produced from cars entered in each event. We’ve watched everything from imports to american muscle to even super cars race down the runway!

We have events all over the United States, in Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Florida and Texas. Our most recent event was in North Carolina on May 20th and 21st with over 200 cars registered. Congratulations to Gidi Chamdi Underground Racing for having the fastest runs for both of those race days with a beautiful yellow Lamborghini Huracan with a top speed of 250.2700!

Our races are perfect for car enthusiasts and spectators! Stay up to date with our races, register your car or purchase spectator tickets online. Our events do sell out quickly, make sure you get your reservations as soon as possible.

Let’s go racing!