Motorcycles Welcome!

After years of events and numerous requests…wannaGOFAST has added motorcycle races to select events throughout the year! We are excited to allow motorcycles into our racing family and cannot wait to see more riders take part in our adrenaline-rushed events.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycles are very unique vehicles; while they are lightweight, especially compared to the traditional racing counterpart, needless to say: they can pack a punch. With an average speed of 170mph, it goes without saying the decked out bikes that have been eager to attend our events will have the adrenaline running high for those who have a love of speed on the on the runway. Safety is a forefront priority at WannaGoFast so it is imperative all drivers come prepared with the appropriate safety measures for their vehicle of choice.

WannaGoFast hosts weekend racing events all over the United States. Drivers and enthusiast alike come from all areas of the country just to participate and ride the high that comes with racing.

Join Our Florida ½ Mile Shootout – October 28-29!

Motorcycles are allowed in our Florida ½ Mile Shootout on October 28 and 29th! Sign up as a driver today and come join the action packed weekend of fun and adrenaline. Go head-to-head with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

Purchase your driving ticket for the Florida race now, spots are limited! Show off what your motorcycle can do or enjoy the race from the sidelines by purchasing spectator tickets today. wannaGoFast is excited to be able to add this much requested feature to select events. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!