Upcoming Florida Race: Oct 28 – 29, 2017

When you think of Florida you think of sandy beaches, sunny weather, and great seafood. While all this is true, for us at WannaGoFast, Florida means even more thanks to over five year’s worth of racing events. Ocala, FL is home to wannaGOFAST’s adrenaline inducing racing events. Race door-to-door against any and all competitors of your choice; held at the spectacular Jumbolair Airport, this runway offers a dream of 7,550ft private racing space.

Motorcyclists Now Welcomed!

What was once an event only for drivers of the traditional four-wheel variety, Florida’s weekend event of October 28th and 29th will now also allow motorcycles to put their engines to the test! Bike riders can now experience the thrill of racing without worry of speed limits or being pulled over.

While we do offer unlimited number of runs, all drivers will be restricted by the turnover time that each run takes. There is a limit of 150 cars per day, so make sure you score your ticket quickly! As with all of our races, drivers are required to wear their appropriate helmet for their vehicle of choice.

You do not have to be behind a wheel to get in on the action and enjoy the thrill that comes with racing. Spectator passes can be purchased online or at the gate both as a weekend or single day pass. Whether you are wanting to compete head-to-head or interested in just checking out the rides, make sure to join wannaGOFAST October 28th and 29th for what is sure to be another event for the books. Don’t forget to bring your tents, chairs and sunscreen!