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how to save a puppy from parvo

Just wanted to share a happy ending to a parvo store, because it IS possible. I have a 7 mo. Its about 10wks a little under 4 lbs..its a chiweenie. He has been prescribed cerilium, which I was instructed to crush, mix with a small amount of pedialyte and administer with a syringe. I assumed she had eaten something and was getting it out of her system. He's in the vet hospital now, that was 250$ as a down payment, and would be 700$ more for a week, which I do not have. You do not want the dehydration to come back. Parvo is much more common in some areas than others. I tell everyone who has puppies about it. Vaccinate your puppy. We named this little German Shepherd/Blood Hound mix Marley, and he's only about 2 months old. The parvo shots currently given in the US do NOT cover the newest and very virulent strain of Parvo. he has improved and has been drinkin on his own and eatin he keeps tryin to play fight, he's back to his normal self. You can not save them all. nothing changed in the way he acted that entire day. Wait a while and give them some more. it is best to keep them separated which is why Sassi has moved into our bedroom with her food and water and bed. By the next day I really became worried when he stopped drinking water as well. I have called a vet as my other 2 now have it, laying around and the boy has vomited 2 x's and but ate and drank on his own after I first gave him pepto yesterday, neither had went for over 24 hours without food or drink at this time, I have been continuing the pepto and gatorade with electrolites, but the boy has now started some running diarrhea; the vet's office says sorry we are out of the iv's and things to treat at the time and the other vet in the area will not see pitbulls? I called my friends mom and was crying and told her what happened (she has 9 dogs that she loves to death) so she told me to get her something to calm her stomach like pepto and some pedialyte and force her to drink that. Keep the puppy clean, warm, dry, and quiet. My puppy was diagnosed w/ Parvo yesterday. the next morning he had explosive diarreah in the house so i took him to the vet. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Give the Pepto-Bismol about every hour or 2, about 1/2 teaspoon full each time. I had gone to the feed store recognizing the symptoms and bought Parvaid. If he gets way too far along with this illness, we can't even afford to euthanize him to avoid prolonged suffering in the little guy. But was told I can only let him lick an ice cube or give pedialite ice chips to moisten his mouth til 24 hrs after his last vomit. Give him the Pedialyte every half hour, at least 1-2 tablespoons full, more if you can. I have the Pepto just in case, but I think the Pepcid will help soothe her tummy, plus the diarrhea hasn't shown up yet. Thursday is going to be the 3rd day of treatment. Just the test and told me there is a 50 percent chance to live. I can't afford to keep him at the vet for another night because just for one night it was 250$. Give him things that are easy to digest like chicken baby food, or canned chicken dog food mixed half and half with soft, mashed pasta. I just brought my 8 week old pumpkin home from the vet today with a Parvo diagnosis. Whether you have something in them or not. He still had no diarrhea but I was noticing a difference in the way he swallowed. The ice will help settle their stomach. The 2 most important things are to give the pepto to coat the intestines and keep them from hemorrhaging, and to get fluids into them. If you need help ask for it. The end result is the same, it ends up with a dead body. You have to stay up with them 24 hours a day, for about a week or sometimes longer. It takes about 10-14 days to get through the disease process. That's what this article is for, to help people recognize Parvo immediately and to know what to do to save your puppy! Instructions. The vet will probably give the puppy a shot and some antibiotics for the infection. Do you have any pictures of him? I never thought missing the last baby shot would make him susceptible. The vet was surprised he said she looked good meaning they found it in the early stages and gave me medicines like antibiotics and nausea medicine the antibiotics was enough to last two weeks and we did at home treatment since couldn't afford hospital stay. Let the puppy rest and be quiet as much as you can. My boss came in asked me if she had diarea and told him no, because her poop that morning was solid and healthy looking. She is such a loveable pup, She even has about 10 people calling about her every day making sure she is ok and checking on her progress and I have one client/friend that comes by every day and checks on her and will run errands for me so I don't have to leave her. I had a client come in and she is supposed to lay on her bed by my desk when I'm working and she usually does that really well. But I sure miss him. Vets do not want to tell you these things - they want you to hospitalize the dogs and charge you lots of money. Noticed he wasnt playing yesterday and i took him for a ride in da car and he threw up.. so i waited til this morning to take ho. Just hold the ice cube in their mouth and make them lick and swallow the cold water. I don't think you can. I don't have a dog of my own, but my sister does, so I will pass the information along. Will she drink water on her own? Yeah he is 100% now, This blog helped me a lot, Thanks again. Anybody who thinks it's ok to murder as long as you are "kind" while you are doing it, is deluded. I wish I found your information before. my puppy is almost 5months old (Hennisy)she's a bullmasive, boxer and pitt. In the majority of cases, parvovirus is fatal without effective treatment and it is also highly infectious. One day, I came home from work to find Duke lying in the yard unable to move. This article was very helpful to me because I have been trying to give her baby food turkey because I know she must be hungry and I can tell she lost weight since yesterday. We took him to an emergency vet and, long story short, they gave us 50/50 odds (he will or he won't) of him recovering from parvo - and an estimate of $500 to attempt treatment. Please HELP ME, my dog has Parvo I took him to the vet today, he keeps throwing up & looks soo skinny and sad, he does not eat. Everything said is the truth! By Monday she was noticeably skinnier and looked so depressed and doing almost nothing but sleeping. He only threw up 2 times, and did not have diarrhea until I went to the vet. I could not figure out why he was not eating yet he was not sick. You will have to wipe your puppy down often with warm, damp cloths to keep him or her clean. He is 4/5 months and I don't want him to die :'( The treatment is $700, I'm willing to pay but what are the chances of him surviving??? At 8:30 she began to act strange. This is the best way to do that. Sorry. I believe Sarge having her around occasionally is also helping. Go easy on solid foods if she is vomiting at all. Thank you for your information. Today, puppies are born with some protective parvo antibodies from their mom, but all antibodies begin to drop quickly after birth. You're going to get tired and angry and dirty and frustrated. I will have friends get me food, or pick up something from the store for the baby or whatever. I'm going to let her sleep in her kennel tonight but I'm sleeping on the sofa right next to her so she can see me and if she needs anything I'll be right there to help her. I'm so glad he is ok now! This came after the discovery of my neighbor's dog also having parvo and being unvaccinated. This is tearing us up inside, and we're panicking over what to do. The stomach of the puppy is more then likely infected. GOOD LUCK saralopezpr at gmail. TITAMIFKU IS THE KEY, hidration, the broth, yogurt, very small doses but fed them every 2 hrs to mantain his stomach hydrate and proteins. Around 85% of puppies that contract the parvo virus will die if treatment is not given. I just wanted to thank you for your personal attention. i casn't seem to figure out what they are i have been just feeding them heir cesar meals and givin them water. Day 3 Parvo Treatment Continue hydrating your puppy with saline or distilled water every 4 hours. No vomit or diarea as of yet. You must thoroughly disinfect your home and wherever the infected puppy was before bringing another puppy home with you again. It sounds like you are doing a great job and your puppy is already on the mend! If you can get him to drink home made chicken broth, try that, too. We can't afford to take him in to be treated, and he's dropped most of his body fat in a matter of 12 hours. He just glt all stiff I believe he's dyin he takin slow breathes. Then you will know your puppy is on the mend. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Let the fluid run in slowly, then shut if off. Dehydration is what kills the dog. His symptoms had just started the day I had taken him. What should i do with the yard and house? You are his life line. I have a toy poodle 7 weeks 4 day diagnosed with parvo yesterday. If your dog has not been vaccinated for parvo and comes into contact with a parvo-infected dog or begins to display symptoms of … As mentioned above, it is incredibly important to seek out medical treatment as soon as possible if you suspect your dog has parvo. They gave her SubQ fluids to make sure she stays hydrated, and I picked up unflavored Pedialyte on my way home which I mixed with some chicken broth to entice her. But we went to Big R and got the 7 in 1 shot and gave it to her Tuesday. when I brought her home I did so with pills for her stomach and pain injections. We're scared.. Do you have any other advice? I'm going to try this on the remaining sickies, they aren't as bad as the runt was and can seemingly keep down the milk. If not, then start giving him fluids right away!!! Im afraid he is gonna dehydrate if I dont force liquids down him but they said I can not give anything more than I mentioned til 24 hrs after vomiting. I'll keep you posted! I have a very big yard so its gonna take a lot of bleach :/. See your vet. I am so glad I was able to help a little! So I was like ok. Well Monday night around 9pm she had direa sooo bad. Be sure to wait at least 24 hours after the last vomiting to feed any food. Sarge has the living room as the floor is tile. He told me to take hime him home and care for him. I called the vets office and they told me its more likely parvo. Continue to monitor your puppy’s temperature. Thursday it will be 4 days sick, and 3 days w/ treatment. Keep trying to give him fluids, though!!!! The first vet...a bad vet...went with poison, a fomotodine shot and saline subcutaneouslely. we had spent $800 trying to help our boxer with cancer and we had spent $3500 on our wedding which was scheduled for the very next week after we found out he had parvo. boss is a year old and is a rottweiler x staffordshire terrior. Try to give at least a 2-3 tablespoons every half hour or so, for a medium-sized breed. Cerenia really helps them a lot - calms the intestinal spasms, and makes them sleepy. Get as many fluids into her as you can. Start with just a teaspoon or two of chicken baby food to begin with. This will combat the internal infection and help get your puppy eating again. I was given IV bags with lines and needles. Your dog will not drink water nor eat, and very soon the pup is stretched out and down on the ground and can't get back up. My future mother-in-law just got her son and I a puppy to celebrate my first pregnancy- this was to be our baby's little companion once he/she is born. He got parvo, as soon as I noticed him throwing up I took him straight to the vet. Dog’s Activity Level Will Increase. Thank you more than you know. Because of a puppy I had, that came down with parvo about a week after getting the shot!). The first one was dead within hours, and there was nothing that could be done - I did not immediately know what was wrong, and did not know what to do.

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