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parasound jc2 bp vs p6

$297.00 $ 297. Performance Even though the P 6 can be configured and used in various ways, I spent most of my time using it as a combined DAC and preamplifier, the way I suspect most people will. Going-in I thought I'd be buying a McIntosh M452; but after hearing the "romantic" or "very warm" house sound of that brand, I'm not sure. I personally do not care much for Parasound's sound quality; I would not recommend it. (Best I could find was a JC5 paired with a P6… However, looking at the BHK amp (250 WPC etc), I'm rethinking this. ... Specification and performance are 100% the same as the original JC2. I picked up the BHK used and it is definitely a step up vs. the Ayre but I think the Ayre is 95% as good and is currenlty half the price. For those who sit far away, Parasound has included a handy digital display that will tell you the current volume level set. Certain areas of performance stood out, though, especially considering the P 6's price. Again, these types of small details can sound glossed over from competing products in the P 6's price range. System includes Oppo UDP-205, Parasound A21 and ProAc D48R. … Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy, Jason McGuire - Blue Coast Special Event 17 BAAS - 07 - Romance (Take1), Cubicolor - Points Beyond (Official Lyric Video). The PS Audio Directstream DAC is in a completely different league. On the other hand, the P5 is no slouch if you needed a DAC, digital inputs and the convenience of separate sub handling plus home theater bypass (which of course is also available for an additional $500 to add it to the JC2, or by getting the JC2 BP… For a pre, you can get a strong deal on an Ayre K-5xeMP at SuperPhonica for $2995. I have some enjoyable homework to do.Looking forward to it. You do have the ability to dim the LED lights on the front of the unit, but no option to turn off the display completely. Starting on the front of the unit, you'll find an infrared receiver for remote control, as well as a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input that features an automatic 12dB gain stage. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. According to Parasound, the headphone amp circuit was designed with a low 10 ohms output impedance and high gain to drive headphones rated up to 600 ohms. Parasound Halo P 6 Preamplifier & DAC Reviewed. See below for information on the amazing JC 2. And also frustrating--I can get a virtually new demo model for $5500 ($3000 off) which is actually a lower price than the JC5. Bryston BP-17 cubed 3. It's in flawless, excellent condition, no scratch, fully functional. The P 6 continues its predecessor's legacy by fully embracing digital audio and ups the ante through an improved DAC section. It's priced a hundred dollars more at $1,699, but, like Parasound, PS Audio is a company known for offering exceptional value with the products it offers, so it's worth looking into. The JC 2 BP … It grabbed my attention when I was finishing … It is slightly warm but full sounding pre that doesn't fit the mold of typical Ayre preamps which are a bit forward. But, it's not just the amount of detail the P 6 can render that I find appealing; it's also how it presents that information. The former tried and true, untouchable value and staple of their product line, the A21, had set the bar for value vs. … Detail and soundstage are in a completely different league and is one of the best units you will find short of Esoteric or dCS. Yes, the Parasound could do space. This was especially apparent when listening to many of the high-resolution audio tracks I use for testing purposes. The track is intimately recorded, with subtleties like McGuire's breathing and his fingers gently sliding over the frets present on the recording. (Still have JBL L100s though). I traded for it for a pair of speakers I didn't like and it blew my stereophile A+ rated Marantz Reference NA 11s1 out of the water. Parasound Z Amp v3 90W Two Channel Zone Amplifier. One other unsolicited though. So. CES Trends: MiniLED and is it Better than OLED? It is being phased out by Ayre but is an amazing unit. Additional Resources• Visit the Parsound website for additional information.• Parasound Halo A 21+ Stereo Amplifier Reviewed at• Parasound Announces HINT 6 Integrated Amplifier at You'll also find gold trim sandwiched between the new sandblasted metal end caps (as well as gold trim on the feet if you go with the black version). Even though the phono stage has been altered, Parasound continues support for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, with selectable 100 or 47k ohm loads. AMP: The First Watt J2 amp may not be my cup of tea; and I was definitely not going to do a tube amp. Your support is greatly appreciated! I've found that competing hardware can overemphasize the top end, often giving you the impression that you're hearing more detail than what's actually in the source. ... Parasound JC BP 2 Channel Stereo Preamplifier. Also, frustrating, I like both parasound and McIntosh in their own way, but they couldn't be much farther apart. While the P 6 has a dedicated pair of subwoofer outputs, I chose to connect my subwoofers to the main channel unbalanced RCA outputs instead, to avoid the mono summing of the dedicated subwoofer outputs. My first high end preamp was a Parasound PLD 2000 which at the time was a fantastic value and sounded supurb. After hearing different systems, I think my palate tends toward toward neutral to slightly warm. Parasound does it again, surpassing all expectations with its brand new Parasound P 6. The 2.1 Parasound Halo P6 Preamplifier and DAC is available in a choice of silver or black finishes for a MSRP of $1,495. 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Additionally, there is a toggle switch allowing you to activate an adjustable analog high pass filter if you plan on adding a subwoofer to your system. slightly warm? This advanced 2.1 channel preamplifier has been … I've always been impressed with their cost vs. performance ratio. The Absolute … Have the original box, manual, power cable. Have you paired the BHK pre-amp with the amp? Parasound still offers the P 6 in both black and silver finish options, but a few small changes in aesthetics have been made to the chassis to differentiate itself from its predecessor. Comparisons & Competition Parasound's Halo P 6 preamplifier, priced at $1,595, is the successor to the company's wildly popular Halo P 5. Parasound A31 Three Channel Power Amplifier Parasound Introduces An Improved Version Of Its Halo JC 3 Parasound Halo P 6 Preamplifier & DAC Reviewed Parasound Halo C 2 Surround Processor … That being said, the preamp stage in the Directstream is not in the same league as the Ayre or PS Audio BHK. Similar to the P 6's excellent detail retrieval, I found it excelled with music that has a lot of layers that need to be presented at once. Parasound's Halo P 6 preamplifier, priced at $1,595, is the successor to the company's wildly popular Halo P 5.The P 6 continues its predecessor's legacy by fully embracing digital audio … I do realize the relative limitations of using this input option, though, so to test DSD functionality, I did connect via USB for a short period of time. It only works with a small number of speakers but those Tektons are one of them. Likely system: JC5 amp, JC2 pre, Innuous MKIII SSD Zenith server, Chord Quetest DAC, Nordost (Norse 2 or Leif) wires, Tekton Double Impact speakers. I noticed no major differences in performance when playing several of the test tracks I used when testing the optical input. Made by Nelson Pass, the whole concept is low, but spectacular quality power. The chord DAC is wonderful for what it is. Speaking of subwoofers, looking at the options available, I think it's fair to say that Parasound really wants people to add at least one to their two-channel systems. Beautiful but frustrating because I feel like I'm listening through a shroud. That's to be expected when pairing the P 6 with a source component nearly two-thirds its price. Only the USB input allows you to take advantage of 384kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD up to quad rate. I am not sure if you already have the Chord but if you had the extra budget you could look at a higher end DAC. It's also resolving enough that if you pair it with another amplifier or an analog source component, those sonic traits offered by those products are carried through to the rest of your system. The nice thing about the BHK is the option to tube roll. You do lose out on the P 6's bass management capabilities and subwoofer output, though, as well as some analog input options. For analog outputs, the P 6 includes a single set of XLRs for left and right channels, a single XLR output dedicated for connecting a subwoofer, as well as two sets of unbalanced RCAs. After all, this is marketed as a 2.1 channel preamplifier, so the P 6 adds in two dedicated unbalanced RCA subwoofer outputs and basic bass management through the use of an optional low pass filter enabled via toggle switch. Other components in my system include Parasound's Halo A 21+ amplifier (which I still had here after its review), my personal Nelson Pass designed VFET amplifier, a PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3, a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II loudspeakers, and a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PV1D subwoofers. Parasound … JC 2 – The Quietest Preamplifier Ever Built. Individual instruments, along with the vocals, were portrayed in stark contrast from one another, making them easy to pick out and hear individually. Taken at face value, especially in quick demonstrations on a dealer's showroom, it can give you the subjective impression an audio product is higher performing than the competition. Their … If you're still shopping around, I would recommend taking a look at PS Audio's Stellar Gain Cell preamp/DAC. Parasound P6 2.1 Channel Preamplifier. 00 $349.00 $349.00. I have several friends who have bought them, and they ALL are in love with the way they sound. The Pragmatists at Parasound chose to re-spin the A21 amplifier into the A21+. I will definitely audition that. This track starts off with strong and resounding bass drum notes. The Chord for now. It is truly … For now, people will still need a source component if they want to listen to network audio through the P 6. The P 6 continues that trend, offering a level of performance not typically found in the neighborhood of $1,600. Because of this, I doubt many will run into setup issues, at least not many caused by the P 6. Utilizing both the analog high and low pass filters make it easy to seamlessly integrate a pair of subwoofers in with your main channels. Truly spectacular line stages that both deserved the A rating Stereophile gave/gives them. With its excellent build quality, handsome looks, extensive set of input and output options, as well as its impressive built-in DAC section and bass management capabilities, the P 6 is a no-brainer for anyone shopping for a digitally enabled preamplifier close to its asking price. Parasound… I have yet to hear a DAC that has a built in line stage that can compete with an excellent separate. The P6 succeeds the P5 pre-amplifier that has delighted critics and owners alike with … Of note, the P 6 has the ability to render tremendous amounts of detail. While upgrades to the digital hardware are definitely welcome, the P 6 is still a preamplifier at heart, and Parasound hasn't forgotten about that. If you choose this route, make sure you disable the high pass filter toggle switch, otherwise you'll end up cutting off bass frequencies from reaching your subwoofers. I spent a few hours listening to the P 6 using USB and I'm happy to report that the P 6 seems to be fairly agnostic in terms of sound quality when it comes to its digital inputs. These tiny intricacies were easily heard through the P 6, something I've found other products near the P 6's price tend to gloss over a bit. Another … I want to avoid a cold sound. I can't find a dealer nearby so that I can listen to that pairing yet. It offers a slightly warmer sonic signature overall and adds in some niceties like an I²S input. Even more impressive, the C 658 adds in Dirac Live room correction support, which can fix potential problems with speaker placement and problems caused by the room itself. Parasound was able to add volume memory functionality, as well, thanks to the new volume system. The problem is the gap between home theater systems and hi-end stereo systems. For instance, I found that the bass line on the track "October" by Icarus was satisfyingly resolved, forcing me to dance along in my seat. These changes match those found on Parasound's newest amplifiers. My personal taste in sound signatures is for audio products to add in a bit of warmth to the sound. The Parasound Halo P 7 Preamp is a problem solver. Also, I see that BHK will discount the pairing by about $2000. In typical Parasound fashion, I found the P 6's sonic performance punches well above its price point, with it offering good subjective dynamic range, stereo separation, imaging, and soundstage depth. The phono preamp section has been upgraded, too, with more signal gain, which means the P 6 will play nicer with lower output cartridges. The P 6 has received an upgraded Burr Brown analog-resistor ladder volume control system, which Parasound says eliminates mechanical contacts in the signal path, giving way to greater resolution, higher dynamic range, better channel separation, and more accurate sound overall. I have been suggested the following preamps in the order of preference by my dealer: 1. In particular, the track "Lordy May" by Boy & Bear caught my attention. Does anyone have a parasound JC5 amp paired with a JC2 BP pre-amp? I would look at a First Watt J2 which won product of the year here at Stereophile a year or two ago and can be had new for $4k. Replacing its 5-year-old P5 preamplifier, the new $1,495 Parasound Halo P6 … We were recently approached by Parasound regarding their new $5,995 Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier. Item: Parasound JC2 Bypass Location: Port Macquarie NSW Price: $3800, $3150 Item Condition: Used mint condition Reason for selling: It is Silver, the rest of my equipment is black … Parasound has ditched the P5's Burr Brown DAC-chip for an ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M, which means the P 6 now supports PCM audio up to 384kHz/32-bit (up from 96kHz/24-bit) and DSD up to quad rate. The HookupThe P 6 has an extensive set of input and output options. At $1,649, the C 658 is also priced within earshot of the P 6. Buying a different Amp, so selling this Parasound 5250 v2.0 one. This is a minor complaint, for sure, but I wish you could turn the LED lights on the front of the P 6 off completely. Unsurprisingly, I found that this yielded excellent results all around. 4 output jack pairs with … You'll also find a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack utilizing a TPA6120 high current headphone amplifier from Texas Instruments. If you plan to stick with your old speakers, then you must hook up the amplifier in question TO YOUR SPEAKERS!!! Through the P 6, they were rendered cleanly, with a satisfyingly holographic tone. Parasound has removed the iconic red "P" logo and has replaced it with simple gold Parasound text inlaid in a matte black indent on the faceplate. I also chose to pair the P 6 with Parasound's A 21+ amplifier for most of my listening tests. This resulted in richer tonality, better detail retrieval, and overall clarity to the music. Luckily for the P 6, its display is fairly small, so if you're like me, it shouldn't be too bothersome. I went with Emotiva because the equivalent amps I expected to get had increased so much in cost since I last was in the market. As anyone familiar with this unit knows, Parasound … You need 5 watts of power to drive those speakers to deafening level as they are extremely efficient. All cabling using Clear Day cables. I also spent some time pairing the P 6 with a Panasonic DP-UB9000 as an analog source component. Parasound's Halo P 6 preamplifier, priced at $1,595, is the successor to the company's wildly popular Halo P 5. PRE: I'm interested in the BHK Pre-amp. Move around back and you'll find a plethora of analog input options, including a single set of XLRs, five sets of unbalanced line level RCAs, and a pair of RCAs to connect your turntable. Home theater bypass enables seamless blending into a digital surround system Home theater bypass functions with both unbalanced & balanced inputs and outputs Home theater bypass function can be … I own both of these preamps and can say that they are difference making in terms of the quality of the circuitry. When Parasound designed the highly acclaimed JC 2, the company underestimated how many enthusiasts would want to use the JC 2 in a blended stereo-surround system. The P6 is Parasound's latest high end 'entry-level' stereo pre-amplifier for the acclaimed HALO series. For digital inputs, the P 6 features a pair of SPDIF optical inputs, coaxial SPDIF input, as well as a USB input. The Bypass function does require the JC 2 BP to be powered on, since the bypass circuit is active. Musical interests: super wide and varied; however, jazz more than others

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