Points System


2018 WGF Points Series Rules:

Points will be assigned to the top 6 finishers of each class.

At the end of the year the points for the entire 2018 race series will be totaled up. The person with the highest score in each class at the end of the year will be receive a $500 cash prize and be named 2018 wannaGOFAST Class Champion for their respective class.

If you simply show up to race and make 1 pass you will receive 1 point.

The Fastest Overall Exotic/Import and Domestic vehicles of the year will each receive a $1k cash payout at the end of the year, regardless of points. This will be based off whoever runs the highest speed of the year in both divisions. These winners will be named the wannaGOFAST Speed Champions of 2018.

*Please Note Overall and Points payouts can be combined for a total possible payout of $1,500.

In the event of a points tie the fastest average speed of the competitors will be examined across the series (aka fastest speed of each event). Whomever has the fastest average speed across the 2018 event series between the competitors will be crowned the winner of their respective class.

Each Day of the event will be treated as a new competition and new points will be accumulated accordingly. Therefore, you have 2 chances of scoring points each weekend…once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

You must race 4 days per year in order to qualify for the points championship.

The 2 lowest scores of the year for each competitor will be dropped at the end of the series.